Wednesday, December 10, 2008

American Curl Cat Breed

American Curl Cats are showing either short or long hair. They first appeared in 1981 in the Southern area of California. Most major associations are accepting them now. The cat breed is well known for being friendly and competitive. We are basically talking about great show cats that are great for those of you that are looking for a really warm and close pet. American Curl Cats are definitely similar to dogs when talking about personality. You can even teach them to fetch, open a door and so on.

American Curl Cat Breed Grooming

If you thought these cats are great, they just get better when thinking about grooming. You will not need much. Rarely will you have to take your new friend to a groomer. We can say that the cat breed is great for those of you that are a little lazy and want a cat that is easy to take care of.

The American Curl Cat Breed has a rectangular body and you will not be faced with health problems in most cases. It has been a domestic cat breed from the start and this did have an impact on overall good health.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Russian Blue Cat Breed

The Russian Blue cat breed can be characterized as a rare cat breed. It seems to have appeared naturally and was not created by humans. It is well known for having a double coat and has a very distinctive silver sheen. We have noticed that in Great Britain the Russian Black and Russian White cat breed varieties are identical except for the color of the coating.

The Russian Blue cat is graceful and long in outline and even carriage. It has small feet and long legs. This breed shows large and pointed ears, which are quite prominent and wide at the base. The eyes of this cat are the shape of an almond and are wide apart.