Monday, May 26, 2008

Being a Cat Sitter

It is not always easy to keep an eye on a cat, especially if it is not yours. There is a huge chance that you might be asked to do so by a friend or relative while the owners are out of town so you do need to know some basics about cat sitting so that there will be no problems. First off you will need to find out if the cat is friendly or shy. If it hides you will need to know the hiding places so that you can at least see if she is ok or not.

First impressions always count so you should open the door slowly when you come in. This is because a lot of cats have the habit of running out when the door opens. The first thing you need to do once you are in is to call the cat's name. If he does not appear then you have to look in those hiding places you found out. Do not put pressure on him coming out as he will do so alone when he is ready and confident enough.

Next you will need to sit down and call the cat over if she does not look to be fearful. You will probably see her wanting to check you out and maybe even want to sit on your lap. If she does so then stroke her gently and use a reassuring voice if you are speaking to her (it is actually recommended that you do this). Purring is always a very good sign and you should stay and do this for some minutes because the cat is probably missing her family.

In order to get rid of boredom you will need to spend some time playing with the cat and keep in mind that they enjoy various toys that they can chase or take a swipe at. There is a big chance that such toys already exist in the house so use them as playing with the cat does create a good bond. Feeding the cat should be done as to the owner's instructions and always make sure that the water bowl is filled with fresh water. Most cats only eat when they are hungry so if she is not eating you should not worry about that. Treats must also be supplied as to the owner's instructions.

Never forget taking out the waste and scooping out waste from the litter box while also learning how to change the litter (meaning the time) according to the owner's instructions. Always leave on light on for the cat and also to trick burglars. Bring in all mail, fliers and newspapers that have been left outside. Take note of the cat's regular veterinarian and also the closest animal emergency clinic in the area. Being a good cat sitter is not difficult and as you realized all the hard work stands in finding out information about the cat. After that all you really need is being a cat lover.

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