Monday, March 10, 2008

Siamese Cats NY - An example to follow

We all need love, care, and protection. It does not matter if you are human or an animal, these are simply things that one needs. However many humans tend to forget this. Many tend to forget that just as much as they need care and love and protection so do others. And especially those beautiful little souls that cheer up our life, that are there besides us no matter if our life goes from bad to worse, or everything is just great, the little souls we call our friends, our pets.

There are many examples, far too many actually, in which we see unbelievable cruelty against the poor pets that stay near deranged morons, that think that just because they have an opposable finger they are actually superior. Apparently the human cruelty against others and especially against animals knows no limits. This in fact proves one thing: we may have evolved as society, technologically, but in the end, we are still animals…the worst case of animals!

However, in this dessert of pain and shame, small oasis appears now and then. Brave souls that give from their spare time, from their own funds, from their own energy to try and save those that can’t understand what is happening to them, why must they suffer when all they gave to that monstrosity near them was love and care, and companionship.

The NYC Siamese Rescue, from New York, obviously, is such an example. They are a non-profit organization, independent of any other rescue group or agency. NYC Siamese Rescue, Inc. also operates under the names "NYC Siamese Rescue" and "New York City Siamese Rescue". NYC Siamese Rescue was incorporated in November of 2002. In an IRS letter dated March 10th, 2005, NYC Siamese Rescue was determined to be exempt from federal income tax, which in turn helped them a lot. NYC Siamese Rescue has no members and is a domestic, non-stock corporation organized exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes, therefore they only care about the well being of the poor Siamese cats they rescue.

They draw their money from donations, from individuals and corporations, affiliate programs with various vendors and services, grants as awarded, endowments, and the generous time, enthusiasm, and financial contributions of their great volunteers. Their major expenses of this organization come from veterinary care, cat food and litter. They also rely on foster homes to donate housing space to shelter the cats they save and also volunteers to provide primary care.

So, what else can be said…on their official site you can find all the information you need about them and mainly about the Siamese cats they save. If you are a cat lover, and like Siamese cats, then this is the place to go, as by helping them you will help saving a soul that has suffered without any guilt. If you are not a cat lover, then you might at least take a look as this is a great example of humanity at its best. Values still exist, and apparently hope for humanity still exists.

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