Monday, March 3, 2008

Angry Cats - Quit being ignorant

I have noticed one strange thing while browsing the internet: there are a lot of people in the world that are totally obsessed with cats. I don’t mean obsessed as in you are a cat loving person and you take pictures of it sharing them with the world, and stuff like this. I mean obsession! Everything is all about cats, cats, cats. Even this would be ok to some point, if not taken to extreme, to the point where one can’t make the difference between funny, cute, little “fur ball” that is your precious little cat and the dangerous thing that is your cat when it suffers from what is called “the angry cat” syndrome.

The reason I say this is because when I heard about this and browsed the internet to learn more about it I was seriously shocked to find thousands of pictures and videos of cats that were obviously suffering of this disease and people were just having fun on it. My God! A creature, no! a living being is suffering in great pain, probably your cat, and you are having fun on this? I for one find it sick. Here is something that I think every cat owner (especially those that find this amusing) should know about this disease, called “Hyperesthesia Syndrome”. It is called the “angry cat syndrome” as the cat will unexpectedly growl, bite, or even attack their owners and not want to be held or petted by them.

According to D.V.M Judson H. Pierce, from the Reno Animal Hospital, a cat that has hyperesthesia syndrome can have few or many of these symptoms, ranging from mild to severe:

1. Not tolerating petting or holding
2. Rippling or rolling of skin on the back
3. Sudden licking excessively or biting themselves
4. Abruptly running around the house as if something were after them
5. Hiding under bed or elsewhere
6. Frantic meowing and swishing of the tail
7. Attacking objects or their owners without any provocation
8. Apparent hallucinations with glassy eyes and dilated pupils
9. Some cats spray urine or urinate in the wrong place.
10. Some vomit more often

So if your cat present these symptoms, don’t videotape it and laugh with your friends, simply quit being an ignorant, and take it to the vet. It might help it feel better, and release her from the pain it is suffering.

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