Sunday, August 17, 2008

Giving your Cat a Bath

If you have a cat you will need to give it a bath sooner or later and this might be a problem for you. This is because most cats do not really like getting baths, although you might be lucky enough to own a cat that loves baths. If you are not then let us take a look at how we can make it a lot easier for you to give your cat a proper bath and how you should do it right. You will need a plastic cup, towels, a bathtub and cat shampoo, of course.

First off you will want all supplies in hand reach. Fill the tub (or alternatively the sink if you want to use that instead of the tub) with warm water. It must not be too warm and a general rule of thumb is that the water needs to be a less warm than the water you would use to bathe yourself. Getting the cat to trust you is the next step. You have to pet him/her and make sure that the cat is calm. Next we have the first tough moment. You will need to dip the cat into the water and be ready for potential scratches and bites. Keep talking to the cat and do not stop saying loving words. Use your wet hand to smooth out the fur and praise the pet. Be ready to receive that characteristic cat's death stare during the entire process.

Next take out the cat shampoo and use your free hand to start working it in the pet's fur. The cat will not like it but just keep on going until the cat is covered in shampoo. Be careful with the eyes, facial area and ears so that no shampoo reaches them, especially in the ears. Now you will want to drain the water and keep on holding the cat still through the entire process. Start up the water again and pay attention to the temperature. Use a cup and fill it with lean water. Then start poring over the cat while rinsing the soap out of its fur. When no more soap runs down the cat you can stop.

Turn off the water now and use a towel on the cat. Wrap it up just like a small baby and dry the pet as much as you can. Now just hold him/her for some time while petting and praising. You can also use treats so that he/she understands that the bath was not as bad as first seen. Now the cat just took a bath and its coat is as smooth and clean as possible.

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