Thursday, June 26, 2008

Abyssinian Cat Facts

Abyssinian Cats (also known as Abyss cats - no link whatsoever with the professional wrestler) are a breed of domesticated cats that is believed to come from one female kitten called Zula, which was taken from a port in Alexandria and brought to England by a British Soldier. It was in England that the Abyssinian breed was developed through breeding Zula with an English tabby and then another breeding with the pet's mother. As time passed this cat breed became one of the most popular shorthair breed in the USA and people believe that there are still wild Abyssinians present in North Africa.

The Abyssinian cat presents a characteristic tawny, ticked coat. Tabby markings might be present on the paws and tail but none will be found on the body. Its eyes are of an almond shape and can be green or gold, with a fine dark line present around them. Large ears and a warm golden coat are also characteristic of the Abyssinian. Color variations of the coat include fawn, cinnamon, red and blue with a rare Silver Abyssinian cat variant also present.

These cats are quite active and friendly. They are not really lap cats because of their active nature that makes them want to play and explore. If there is a lack of attention and daily activity the Abyssinian cat can easily become depressed. This breed is characterized by high intelligence and the long haired version of it is called the Somali. When thinking about the Abyssinian we are linked with a medium sized cat that is powerful but graceful at the same time.

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