Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Do You Know Why Your Cat Bites - Cat Behavior Explained

Ow! Your cat just bit you, and those little teeth are sharp. Read on for some reasons why your cat bites you. Your cat may be afraid. Your kid might be pulling on the cat's tail. Or, maybe an unfamiliar person is tried to pick up the cat. Cats bite to protect themselves.

Playtime is another time when cats may bite. You could be ambling across the room and all of the sudden get a toe attacked. Some cats hate to get their bellies tickled and will bite you. Whilte biting is normal cat behavior, a bite to you or a family member is probably not what you would like. Help your cat release energy by playing chase and pounce with cat toys that have long poles so your hands don't get in the way. Don't use your hand or other body part as the object to be chased as this cat training will only encourage biting.

Some felines actually bite to express their love. Cats bite each other lightly to demonstrate their affection for each other, and your cat may be giving you love cat-style. Cats may also give gentle bites while they are licking you. The cat is really grooming you, and it is normal for cats to softly bite when they are grooming each other.

Cats may bite to communicate to you that they have had enough of your attention for the time being. Your cat may be purring contently while you pet her and then turn around and bite to get you to stop petting. Before biting, cats will generally signal that they are at their limit by making tail circles or laying their ears back. Being in pain can cause a cat to bite. If your cat suddenly starts biting for no apparent reason, get a vet exam to rule out any physical problems.

Handling kittens in the presence of the mother cat can also get you bitten since cat mothers tend to be very protective of their offspring. Usually the mother will stop biting once the kittens are older. You should understand now why your cat bites. By not playing aggressively with your cat, treating underlying medical conditions, and learning cat behavior secrets , you can reduce or eliminate the biting and enjoy your cat friend.

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