Thursday, October 23, 2008

6 Important Cat Facts

Some items a cat owner needs are obvious, like the litter box or cat food. But others are not so apparent; you realize they are necessities only after error and trial. If you are a new cat owner, you should really try to learn from others’ experiences. In this article we will present the most common and important cat items, and others that are meant to make owning a cat much easier for a new owner. It is highly recommended to have these items before bringing a cat home, to make it comfortable and welcomed from the moment it enters your door.

1. Food-Related Items
First item you should consider is a place for the food. The best containers water and food are the ceramic or metal ones. Plastic dishes could cause rash to some cats. If you are a busy person, a good option that you can consider would be automatic water and food servers. As for the food, buy just a little before you bring the cat home. You should remember your cat has special nutritional needs. For instance, extra nutrients are recommended at kittens, helping them grow healthy; on the other hand, an overweight cat should have a restricted diet. Your cat may have preferences, so until you figure out what she likes most, give it several flavors and brands of food. Remember: it should be in both dry and canned varieties.

2. Litter Box
As a cat owner or a future one, you already know that the litter box is indispensable. But there are different types of litter. Nowadays the most popular one is clumping clay; it clumps around the cat’s waste. But it can be dangerous if ingested, so it’s not recommended at kitten. Another option can be the plant-based litter.

3. Grooming Tools
A cat is happier and healthier when it is groomed properly. But also it is a way to bound with your cat. Further more, it helps you keep your house clean, preventing hairballs. For this you must buy a fine-tooth comb and a rubber-backed brush. Also you can find in stores specially designed cat nail clippers; you should really purchase one.

4. Cat Toys
It is a well known fact: cats love playing with different toys. But before buying a toy make sure all the parts are well connected, so it can’t be a danger for your cat.

5. Cat Carrier
Many cat owners neglect to buy a cat carrier. But it is necessary. Even if your cat lives indoors, you still have to take it outside for vet appointments, or when you go on a trip and you want to take it with you. It is advisable to buy a sturdy plastic one with a latching door.

6. Scratching Post
This is another neglected item by the new cat owners. It’s in a cat’s nature to scratch. So purchasing this item helps you save drapes, furniture and other things in your house. Besides that, it keeps your kitty happy. When you buy a scratching post you should also consider your cat’s personality.

Now that you found out about some important items for a cat owner, you can make your home welcoming and comfortable for your kitty.

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