Sunday, January 6, 2008

American Shorthair Cats

Want a non-demanding house cat that will treasure each little sign of affection from you with-out lingering all day? You should consider the American shorthair cat, a classic breed that has managed to be in the top 10 most famous cat breeds.

It seems that the pilgrims took some cats on the boat to America to take care of the rats and other pests and after reaching shore they remained near their masters. They proved themselves and their strength to survive as don’t you think for a moment that anyone took after them, fed them three times a day or nurtured them like babies! They actually had to survive for a while and they did it quite well. This made the breed strong for the following generations, so the American shorthair cat can live up to 20 years not needing much but a warm home, proper feeding and regular visits to the vet.

They still have that agility to hunt pests if you ever need them to, but in most cases this ability is turned into playing energy and dedication to your happiness. The great thing about this breed is that you don’t have to worry about always grooming them, because it doesn’t have long hair to leave all over the house.

Cute face, juggling eyes and fast moves, the American shorthair cat has managed to take a bite of the show business and revealed to the US a new and stable icon. She appeared on a lot of cat food commercials as the adorable pet everyone has at home – and they did. This breed was the most common in the 19th century in America and people could relate to the commercials, understanding that those products could only be for their cat, and even that there was no other breed needed.

The American shorthair cats come in more than 80 colors of fur or eyes, but it managed to keep its temperament and affectionate manner of behaving. She gets along well with other animals, even dogs, if raised together from pups and kittens. Your kid will love her too because there is no sign of aggression in her behavior and she isn’t even a bit fussy.

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