Monday, June 2, 2008

The Basics of Caring for Your Cat

So many people end up thinking about cats as dogs and this is not correct since there are considerable differences between these two types of pets. Cats are great companions and they can be very fun but they do have special requirements and will need special treatment so it is always important to discuss at least the basics of caring for a cat, especially if you recently got one and you did not deal with taking care of one in the past.

First off, you need to pay attention to always hold the cat correctly as they do enjoy being supported well and will hate it when you do not do that. Then, you have to put them down gently and do not throw them on the floor. It is true that cats always land on their feet but that does not mean that they enjoy being thrown around.

Cats are always clean animals so maintaining a clean litter box is highly important. More than that, if you have more than one cat you need to have one litter box for each one. Always remember that keeping toxic plants out of the home is crucial and this involves holly, cactus and others. Never forget to play with the cat, praise it and act as a friend and not as an owner. This is highly important for cats!

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