Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Giving your Cat Eye Drops

Some of us are lucky and if we need to give our cats eye drops they will simply stay in our laps patiently and all is over. On the other hand, most cats do not like it when anything is put in their eyes. To make it even worse, there are situations in which you might even have to restrain your cat if she wants to scratch, bite or simply fights you when giving eye drops. All eye medication for cats will come in liquid drops or ointment form and in most cases liquid versions have to be given more often. Now let us get to the topic at hand and see how you can give your cat eye drops with the least effort for yourself and discomfort for the pet!

Whenever you give your cat eye drops you have to hold the pet on your lap. If the cat tries to get away you can wrap him in a towel right before you actually place him on your lap. By doing this you will prevent scratches and you will notice that it is easier to hold as he can not raise those paws to attack you for wanting his best. Use one hand to hold the head of the cat and the thumb of it to easily pull down the lower eye lid. By doing this you will have a pouch right under the cat's eye to hold the eye drops. Now we need to put the tip of the applicator right next to that pouch but pay extreme attention to not touch the cat's eye. The hand must be steady and all done easily so that you do not poke your pet in the eye. Needless to say that would hurt the cat a lot. Squeeze the bottle of the applicator gently and number the drops you need to give the cat (by prescription orders) and let them fall into that pouch.

After you give your cat the eye drops you will need to keep him on your lap as they quickly disperse on the eye and you should never rub them in! If you let go of the cat immediately after the application of the cat eye drops he might rub it out and it will not help him at all!

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