Thursday, October 9, 2008

Buying Kittens and Raise A Cat

I came across Cat Ownership 101: Secrets of Buying & Raising Cats the other day and was interested, so I coughed up the cash and purchased it.  It worked out to be a awesome acquisition, and of course at $9.99 wasn't much risk.  It is a clear read but complex study of what you must know about choose cat and raise a kitten.  It's easy to make critical mistakes when picking a feline as pet and become grievous when it doesn't work out.  A little research beforehand goes quite a long way to paving that onward road with wonder instead of troubles.

The book gets into gear with a survey of many of the most encountered cat breeds.   Do you want a highly active cat that will run 24 hours at a time?  Do you hope for a friendly cat that is cuddly?  Do you hope for a quiet cat or a talker one?  Following on is a overview of the pros and cons of male, female, whether to neuter, hair type - long or short, pure bred or mixed, and the ever-debateable decision of buying a kitten vs buying cat.  This summary will prepare you on the road to selecting the cat breed that's right for you.

From there we move on into many helpful tricks on cat-proofing your home, helping your cat or kitten adapt to your home and family, adjusting them into the swing of things slowly and consistently.  Cats can get stressed out with change and newness, so rushing them along into new homes can have awful effects on the settling in period.  You will be advised all about what supplies you should have to care for your new feline friend and supplies you ought to purchase to make sure everything is prepared.

The next insightful and informative section is the feeding and exercising.   About not underfeeding that active kitten to an appropriate food plan for the mature cat and methods to keep them active, you find many wonderful tips and tricks listed.  We progress to cat health issues there, where you will be taught about the usual conditions that your cats can be afflicted with, all about trips to the veterinarian, shots, spaying, neutering, grooming considerations and what helps you to keep them happy and healthy.

Another key section of the book involves usual feline patterns of behavior.  What does a cat's non-verbal communication let you know about it's mood?  Ear and tail cues in conjunction with vocal patterns assist you to communicate with your pets, and until they learn people's communication it's going to be your means of choice.  For what reason do they knead people?  What does clawing signify?  From here you will be taught how to assist predict the behavior of your cat and help prevent them from dangerous acts.

In the end, the book concludes with listings of cat related groups that you must have and a useful glossary of feline related words and acronyms that refer to felines and specific meanings you should understand.  Without a doubt, I was much impressed with the book and tell you it is extremely informative.  I most definitely recommend this convenient and educational book, and it's most certainly a bargain at only $9.99!  Visit the Cat Ownership 101: Secrets of Buying & Raising Cats site for more details and ordering information. It is an easy reading but well thought out look into what you should know about choosing a cat and raise a cat that you absolutely must read!

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