Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cat Destroying Furniture or Carpets?

Every cat owner out there knows that they can be bad at times. The one fact that needs to be highlighted is that there is a remedy for most of the annoying problems you will have with your cat. One of those problems is destruction of carpets or furniture. You basically notice that the cat simply starts scratching and destroying various areas of the house. Your first thought is usually that the cat is having problems and needs to be disciplined.

The truth is that cats have to sharpen claws as they always grow. Your cat is not actually destroying your furniture but it is sharpening claws. The pet needs to remove an outer layer from the claw and this is what it does. We do see a lot of owners that declaw cats and I emphasize on the fact that you should not do this. You never know when the cat needs those claws, especially for defense. I recommend that you buy a scratching post. If your cat has a special member of the family then take a sock and hang it on this post so that the smell is familiar. After around 1 day you can take it off. The real trick stands in getting the cat to be familiar with the scratching post so that it will attack it. You can also choose to attack the scratching problem by making the favorite area of claw sharpening less attractive. You can easily do this by using lemon juice, wrapping in aluminum foil or clean them constantly so that there is no cat odor present.

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