Sunday, January 6, 2008

Cats for Adoption

Your home seems to need another soul running around? Your kid wants a fury small thing to play with and a dog is too much bother? It’s time to get a cat! But what should you do first? What are your options? Let me share my experience when I got my cat, Freddy.

First I gathered the people in the house to make sure that everyone agrees to the new addition. It is important to know that you don’t bother someone because then the cat won’t be as welcome as it should be. Next we agreed on who should be the caregiver and how the chores will be divided. We even decided what breed we wanted and the age.

The next day I started looking for a small kitten with a cute face and medium hair length – we didn’t want a pet that wasn’t nice to stroke. The obvious was standing in my face: we needed a normal cat, not a special breed or an eccentric one. The reason was simple: normal cats are not so demanding and don’t need a lot of special care, and also people sell those other breeds at an expensive rate. Then there was one way to do this – adopting a kitten!

I started to search on the Internet for cats put up for adoption because it seemed the easiest way. I knew there were other options, like going to a pound or an animal shelter – which is a great thing to do, but didn’t have the time then. After no longer than a half an hour of searching, I found 3 kittens that were around 2 months old and started making phone calls. People were very nice about it and were interested what my living arrangements were because it matters if I live in a house or a flat and if I had other pets.

My decision to get the little orange kitten named Freddy was based on his picture and the fact that he was the last of the kittens to give by the last owner. It’s nice to take an animal that needs a home and a friend and it’s not all a great deal to make money of affectionate creatures.
We took him into our home and our hearts and cared for him and started with the training. My advice is to get a cat that really needs a home, like those in animal shelters – they will be more grateful to you and won’t make a fuss about the conditions or the food.

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