Saturday, January 5, 2008

Famous Cartoon Cats

Cartoon makers through-out history have decided that cats can be very funny to kids so they put them into cartoons that soon made famous a lot of characters. It’s no wonder that things turned up like this: how can you resist a small playful creature all fluffy and furry who only wants affection? Below are some facts about some of the most famous cartoon cats.

TOM – from the Tom and Jerry show – who can forget about the most famous cat that almost never could catch the smart mouse? The two quarreled in 154 episodes.
GARFIELD – the chubby cat that always got into trouble but never forgot to eat something in order to keep that orange fur looking dashing for the ladies. He first appeared in comic books and newspapers, then in cartoons and now he is in the movie business.
TC – the top cat from the alley that never stopped joking around with his friends and trying to put a slip on the police man was first draw in 1961.
DUCHESS – the lovely cat from the Aristocats brought new meaning to stylish in Paris and joy to play with kittens.
LUCIFER was the spoiled cat in Cinderella’s house that let no mouse be at peace when he was around.
HEATHCLIFF – seemed like a normal house cat at first sight but as you watch at the show, you just know by his grin that he’s no ordinary pet.
SYLVESTER – “I thought I saw a putty cat…” this foolish cat didn’t catch the canary, not once, but still went on and on from his first appearance on the “Life with Feathers” Show.
FIGARO – is the small affectionate kitten that followed Pinocchio no matter the dangers
FELIX – the classic cartoon cat that always got hurt in his pursuit for the pesky mouse.

These cats have become famous and I am sure more will come and bring smile on our faces and our children’s faces. It goes to show that cats are goofy, smirky and affectionate and this has been transposed in cartoons so that kids will understand how cats are and what is their temperament, what they like and don’t like.
From all these cartoon cats the most famous is and I think will surely be for a long time Tom from the Tom and Jerry show because this is the classic cat-mouse fight.

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