Friday, January 4, 2008

Exotic House Cats

If you want a cute playful fur ball in your house and dogs are not your thing, than the answer is a kitten. Great to play with, affectionate and caring, cats love to be nurtured and make you feel better when your mood is down. More and more people take these wonderful creatures into their homes mostly because cats are easier to take after in the apartment than dogs. They don’t need to be taken out, don’t chew your shoes or make a mess!

Having a cat is more for people that like a lot of affection and can give it back to their companion and also don’t want to bother a lot to take care of their pets. What breed of cat you want in your home depends on you and your personality. It has become a fashionable thing to have exotic house cats, so that guests that come into the owners’ home will appreciate their excellent taste and eccentric way of life. Ordinary cats have become old-fashioned and are no longer taken into homes as much as five/ten years ago.

A lot of people think that the Persian cat is one of the most exotic breed. She comes in different colors but it can’t be mistaken by her long hair, lingering temperament and royal-like moves. Very affectionate, the Persian cat will try as much as possible to get your attention and love. That aside, this breed needs to be constantly groomed because of her long hair and of course of her need to be spoiled. This will take a lot of your time so it’s up to people that have the time or have the money to hire people to take care of this action, to take in their homes this breed.

What is more exotic than the Exotic cat? Yes you understood right. She is called like this because people consider it is very exotic to have a Persian cat with shorter hair! She’s easier to take after, also named “the lazy man cat” and even playful. Maybe it’s the loss of burden, but these cats like to move more than the Persians but they didn’t lose constant need to be near you, usually following their masters wherever they go.

If you’re that kind of cat owner that likes to have your little darling be admired by everyone at sight, you should welcome in your home the Eccentric!

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